International – If you are looking to expand your international customer base, you have come to the right place. Whether you import or export, by air or by ocean, Custom Logistix is your solution to exceptional service and reduced costs.  We partner with the best international express carriers. For larger shipments, we have relationships with fantastic freight  forwarding companies worldwide. We will find the best rate and service based on your needs and your product.

Domestic Freight – If you ship anything by truck, Custom Logistix can help. We have access to over 40 carriers and over 200 rates for every shipment. Our on line rating service will give you the best rate possible in as little as 20 seconds. You pick which carrier you like, and have it picked up the same day.

USPS – The US Postal Service has special rates set up for it’s best customers. Would you like to get the same rates as companies who ship thousands of products each month? The Postal Service has 3 pricing levels. Retail, Commercial Base, and Commerical Plus. Commercial Plus Pricing is the tier above Commercial Base Pricing. Typically, the USPS requires 5,000 First Class packages per year or 50,000 Priority packages per year to qualify for it’s best rates. Custom Logistix has access to Commerical Plus Pricing and can give it to you, REGARDLESS of your shipping volume.